Keyvan Varesi was born in May 1979 in Iran.

He has a Graphic Diploma from Kamal al-Mulk Art School in 1998 and Bachelor of Art of Graphic from Tehran Azad University in 2003.

He is an Art director and advertising manager, Also a senior graphic designer, professional cartoonist and illustrator. Has work experience in the media as an editor, proficient in graphic software and proficient in printing. Has experience in advertising management and art director and graphic design in large commercial and cultural companies in the fields of oil and gas, medical equipment, automobiles, environment, tourism, news Corporation, etc.

Winner of more than 20 awards and international rankings in the field of graphics, illustration and cartoons. Exhibition in more than 45 countries of the world.

Judge of international art fairs and publication of works in more than 50 books of international works of art, as well as publication of works of art and articles and interviews on international sites and Magazines.

He worked with many Iranian and International Companies, Websites, Magazines & Newspapers such as:

•SAIPA (Automaker Company)

•Department of Environment of Iran

•Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults

•WFP Iran (United Nations World Food Program)

•UNODC Iran (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime)

•MAPNA Group (a group of Iranian companies, oil & gas, railway projects)

•Amico Yasna Pars (Company supplying services to the ophthalmology, optical and dermatology fields)

•Golagha Weekly (Political satire)

•Tanz o Caricature monthly (Iranian humor magazine)

•Afrand Art Gallery

•Cartoon Movement (Netherlands)

•New internationalist (Australia)

•Sudwind magazine (Belgium)

•BASKENT POSTASI newspaper (Turkiye)

•Asre Jomeh monthly (Canada)

•Iran News Daily •Etemad Daily •Shargh Daily •Jam e Jam Daily •Bayan Daily •Arman Daily •Tose e Irani Daily •Niloofar Abi Weekly •Tejarat Jahani Weekly •Payam helal Weekly(Iranian Red Crescent Society)

•Member of the jury of the Ghanoon Daily International Cartoon Contest

•Member of the jury of the first national content competition of Iran’s free zones in the info-graphic, motion graphics and podcast sections

•Cartoon Editor of Ghanoon Daily (Nishkhat Pages)

•Cartoon Editor of Ilna News Agency

•Cartoon Editor of Arman Melli Daily (Bonbast Page)

•Organizer and Collector (Curator) of the cartoon exhibition (kalleh malagh) at Afrand Art Gallery- Tehran